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CBD Hemp Clones
Choosing the Right Clone. How do I know which type of clone is right for my grow operation?
Only you can answer that question as everyone’s needs are unique. For the best results, always start with a sturdy, safe and reliable growing environment. Be safe, be smart and be well.
Some parts of the country are different than others when it comes to growing clones so i suggest you speak with the nursery you're buying them from. for example the desert regions of CA a certain type of genetic will do better than that of something planted in the damp / wet region of Oregon or Washington, so it's worth finding out before you go big on any order.
You wait and find out? lol I mean sure you should know about your clone genetics before you buy, but you won't know nothing until you see the sex of the clone.
^^ This - speak with the nursery, if they don't know, find another nursery ASAP. Ideally buy from local nurseries vs out of your state.

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