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Theblockchainnew is a news platform that feeds its followers in a completely independent way, with content covering the future of money such as cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, decentralized apps. We bring you the latest news, Price Analysis and developments with expert opinions and comments from the digital currency community.

The world of cryptocurrencies is evolving every day. We are proud to be with a growing number of businesses, entrepreneurs, investors and people who have embraced this technology, to be able to talk about the many advantages that these innovations bring.

One thing is certain today; to educate oneself, to be aware of new financial and technological innovations. We as the Theblockchainnew family are here to provide you with this. Theblockchainnew was founded in 2019 to make shares related to cryptocurrencies. Since then, we have managed to be a reliable source of information for this business. In 4 years we have become the leader of cryptocurrency news platforms.
I want to discuss something related to this forum, i am new here and i want to know the rules of this forum. Can anybody tell me about this?
What type of topics can be posted here, what things we can post in off-topic boards?

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