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Seeds versus Clones?
Is it better for a farm to purchase clones or seeds for the upcoming grow season?
Depends on where you are in the time of the year and budget. Seeds need more time to sprout but can be less than that of a clone to purchase. Seeds can average $.25 p/seed to $1.50 p/seed. Clones usually start at $2.50 p/clone up to $10.00 for singles.
Seeds are easier to transport and handle. Buy high CBD low THC seeds and pull the males IMO.
Clones save you the time, but if you have an early start go with seeds. Look for "Femized Seeds" and vendors who will backup their products. Some vendors wont offer exchanges in you end up with a high-male ratio when buying feminized seeds fyi.
Buy teens - grow ASAP make monnnnney ASAP

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