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hello - Jennifer_Plantiston - 03-16-2020

Can CBD make me more anxious?

RE: hello - OakGlen - 03-16-2020

I believe this is still unknown and also depends on who you are buying your CBD from as not all companies use the same ingredients.

RE: hello - AuthenticOil - 03-17-2020

If you get CBD with a high THC content, potentially but i've never heard of people losing it when taking CBD

RE: hello - PoppyLink - 03-19-2020

ha! I use the stuff to treat my anxiety..

RE: hello - HashBrown - 03-24-2020

No, it helps reduce anxiety.

RE: hello - Seedometer - 03-24-2020

Absolutely not, it's supposed to make you feel better.

RE: hello - GreenBlob - 03-24-2020

CBD doesn't have any psychoactive effects on the brain. So it shouldn't.