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Pesticide? - Clone_Theory - 03-03-2020

Is it okay to use pesticide on cannabis plants when growing?

RE: Pesticide? - WiggleBug - 03-04-2020

Use pesticides = lose crop. You must follow local protocol.

If you use the wrong agents, come testing time you'll have a crop you can't sell due to how you grew it.

RE: Pesticide? - Cannabis_Avenue - 03-04-2020

No, don't use pesticide.

RE: Pesticide? - - 03-04-2020

It really depends on your local regulation. Some areas like Oregon cannot use certain pesticides and must use organic methods.

RE: Pesticide? - Cookie_Monster - 03-26-2020

There are micro-organism that help the environment maintain balance, but there are some which can prove harmful. Look for organic pesticides instead that won't harm the plant.

RE: Pesticide? - Leafman - 03-26-2020

Yes, but always remember to take the necessary precaution.