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CBD While Traveling - Biospark - 03-02-2020

I'm traveling next month to Europe, is CBD oil legal to bring there?

RE: CBD While Traveling - Hempviser - 03-02-2020

I know its legal in the UK finally.

RE: CBD While Traveling - CannabizGuy - 03-04-2020

In some parts of Europe its ok, but I wouldn't assume anything until you know more about each location you are traveling to.

RE: CBD While Traveling - oliverm - 03-04-2020

You can buy it in Europe. I've been taking Berkshire CBD oil too and it has really helped with my anxiety and ability to get to sleep. Buy quality hempĀ

RE: CBD While Traveling - HeroHeroin - 03-31-2020

CBD is legal in Europe, but not THC, and its therapeutic effects have been demonstrated by scientists around the world in recent years.